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Establishing a digital platform for China knowledge exchange - fostering teaching and research collaborations

01.07.2022 — 30.06.2023

Funding is sought for the establishment of a digital platform to foster teaching and research collaborations among BUA partners. The new platform infrastructure will aim to achieve the following goals:

  • to establish a new joint research collaboration among BUA partners, including sharing of new innovative ideas to foster joint applications to gain third-party funding on the topic of ‘global China’
  • to be a public platform for highlighting the collective China-related expertise available among BUA partners.
  • to foster joint teaching collaborations, in particular regular exchanges among junior scholars among BUA partners on ethical and methodological research issues.

The creation of this digital platform will kick start a project on ‘TECHtonics’, a joint funding proposal on technology competition and changing global order for an EU HORIZON Call. The platform will also enhance best practice training in relation to ethical and innovative online research in China’s authoritarian context for BUA’s junior and senior China scholars.