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KDIS-FU IKS Korea-Europe Center Inauguration Conference: "Division, Unification and Peace - 30 Years German Unification and 70 Years Korean War"

16.11.2020 - 20.11.2020
Inauguration Conference Poster

Inauguration Conference Poster

The Korea Europe Center

In January 2020, the Institute of Korean Studies established the Korea-Europe Program, with the support of the KDI School of Public Policy and Management. The program aims to provide young scholars with educational opportunities to acquire in-depth knowledge and skills covering a broad spectrum of Korean studies and to enable them to pursue a career in science, business, media, international organizations and interculturally-oriented institutions. The project consists of diverse and innovative educational programs, such as a summer school in Korea, special lectures by renowned scholars, forums with experts and specific skill-based workshops. 
After successfully establishing the program, it will now be transformed into the Korea-Europe Center, within which the inauguration is planned. 

Information on the event "Division, Unification and Peace - 30 Years of German Unification and 70 Years Korean War”

The year 2020 marks 30 years of German reunification and 70 years of the Korean War. Both events form the starting point of the event. The inauguration will deal with the peace process on the Korean peninsula from an interdisciplinary and transregional perspective, taking into account the experiences of German reunification and the role of Europe within this process. At the same time, the question arises as to what role Germany and Europe can play in the peace process on the Korean peninsula. 
Due to the current situation, the event is planned online and will take place from 16th - 20th November 2020.

Zeit & Ort

16.11.2020 - 20.11.2020