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Korean Studies Summer School 2024

19.08.2024 - 27.08.2024

The Institute for Korean Studies FU Berlin, Germany, extends an invitation to prospective participants for the 2024 Korean Studies Summer School. Scheduled from August 19th to 27th, 2024, in Gangwon Province, South Korea, this Summer School aims to convene students enrolled in BA, MA, or PhD programs in Korean Studies from Freie Universität Berlin and other European universities.

IKS KEC Summer School 2024

IKS KEC Summer School 2024

Supported by the KDI School and the Institute of Unification Education, this academic program includes field trips. The primary objective of the Summer School is to offer students expert-lead, on-sited training in Korean history, culture, politics, and inter-Korean relations, in cooperation with History D - Asia Peace and History Institute. Participants will have an excellent opportunity to broaden their understanding across various domains within Korean Studies.

The main theme of the 2024 program is Division and Diversity: Border Politics on the Korean Peninsula. Here are some of the learning objects:

  1. The contesting imaginations of 'Korea' and 'Koreans' as a bounded category
  2. The impact of Korea's division on the political/cultural aspects of Korean nationalism
  3. The transformations resulting from globalization and migration transition since the 1990s
  4. The institutionalization of borders and boundaries in Korea's political and social spheres


The field trip consists of three parts:

  1. August 19 – 21: The Institute of Unification Education
    * Lectures on Korea's division provided by the Institute of Unification Education
    * Visit to the North-South border (Paju DMZ or Aegibong Peace Ecopark)
    * Visit to migration-related organizations and sites in the Metropolitan Area
  2. August 21 – 22: Temple Stay
    * Experience of Korea's Buddhist culture and heritage
  3. August 23 – 27: Field Trip in Gangwon Province
    * Historic sites in Goseong, Sokcho, Yanggu, Hwacheon, Cheorwon, etc.
    * Lectures on migration and diversity provided by universities in Gangwon province

Programs are subject to change due to operational requirements.

Each participant receives:

-          Subsidy for flight ticket: € 500

-          Accommodation and meals free for the whole duration of the summer school

-          Travel expenses and entrance fees (museum etc.) during the field trip in Korea
(participants can be asked to pay fees for some cultural experiences: appr. € 30 in total)

Qualifications for complete participation:

If you are a BA or MA student from Freie Universität Berlin, the Institute grants 10 Credit Points (Korean Studies, Vertiefungsmodul) for participation in Summer School activities, contingent upon full engagement in all listed activities:


(1)   Summer School preparatory course in SS2024 (April 18 - July 18, every Thursday 2-4 pm)
* Both on-site seminars and online special lectures are mandatory

(2) Group presentation at the end of the field trip

      * Power-point slide or video presentation (appr. 20 min for each group)

(3) Final Paper

      * Academic paper on a theme from the Summer School (5000 words)

     (* PhD students are exempted from compulsory course attendance and final paper.)


If you are an external student, your participation in the following activities is required to receive subsidy:


(1)   Online special lectures in SS2024
* There will be four or five online special lectures (dates: to be announced)

(2) Group presentation at the end of the field trip

      * Power-point slide or video presentation (appr. 20 min for each group)

(3) Final Paper

      * Report on the summer school activities (3 pages)
      * Credit may be granted upon submission of an academic paper (5000 words) and with
         approval from your university


Number of Participants

The total number of students will be limited to 15 (10 students from FUB, 5 students from other European universities). FU Berlin students who opt out of the student exchange program (Auslandsjahr) are especially encouraged to apply, as this program provides a direct avenue to immerse themselves in experiences in South Korea.

Korean studies major at the FU Berlin who completed "Aufbaumodul" and passed the language course "Koreanisch I" can apply. Similar criteria apply to external students.

Applicants are asked to submit the following documents (in a single file) to Mr. Suhon Lee (summerschool.iks.fu@gmail.com) no later than March 22, 2024. Please use the following subject line: Application for Korean Studies Summer School 2024.

  • CV in English 
  • Motivation letter (one page) in English outlining the reasons for interest in attending the Summer School
  • The latest transcript of records (Campus Office)
  • Grade of Korean language course (or an equivalent)

Zeit & Ort

19.08.2024 - 27.08.2024

Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Gangwon Province and Seoul

Weitere Informationen

For further details or inquires please get in touch with Suhon Lee (summerschool.iks.fu@gmail.com).