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Korea-Europe Summer School 2022 in Kongju and Seoul

16.08.2022 - 24.08.2022

The summer school is an academic program with field trip supported by the KDI-School, the Institute of Unification Education and the Research Institute of Buddhist Cultural Heritage. The objective of the Summer School is to provide students with an expert-lead, on site training in Korean history, culture, politics, and North-South Korean relations, this year in cooperation with History D – Asia Peace and History Institute (Dr. Lee Sincheol), Seoul. The program provides a great opportunity to expand knowledge on the diverse fields of Korean Studies.


IKS (FUB) Summer School 2022

IKS (FUB) Summer School 2022

The main theme of the 2022 program is Korean history focused on Kongju city and near area. Kongju was the capital city of Paekche (Baekje) from 475-538 and even afterwards it played a central role in the region, until Taejŏn (Daejeon) arose as a new regional center. Historically, it has experienced diverse phases not only as a local center of politics but also in terms of culture and education. Kongju offers various historical and cultural sites; some of them have been selected as UNESCO World Heritage site.