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North Korean defectors' account as a source of information: issues and controversies

07.06.2022 | 14:15 s.t. - 15:45
SLS 2022 - How to Understand North Korea

SLS 2022 - How to Understand North Korea
Bildquelle: Institute of Korean Studies

Moderator: Dr. Hojye Kang

Presenter: Dr. Hyuk Jung (Deputy director, Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Korea)

The KDIS-FUIKS Korea-Europe Center invites you to the 2022 online Special Lecture Series: How to understand North Korea.

What are the benefits and risks of treating North Korean defectors’ account as a source of research data? This lecture will offer some guidelines on how to approach the defectors’ account and how to avoid pitfalls in using their stories for scientific purposes.

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07.06.2022 | 14:15 s.t. - 15:45

Online: Webex

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