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IKS News 2021 Archiv

Release of Survey Results: South Korea’s Public Diplomacy in Europe, assessed by Korea Experts in 19 European Countries

The Korea-Europe Center is pleased to announce the publication of a new working paper titled "The Rise of South Korea’s Soft Power in Europe – A Survey Analysis of Public Diplomacy“ (Korea Focus-Working Paper No. 12) that presents the results of the survey on public diplomacy of Korea in Europe. This is the outcome of the first wave of the survey conducted with Korea experts in Europe and will be updated annually. Please contact Dr Seo-Young Cho for an inquiry on the survey ( scho[at]zedat.fu-berlin.de ).


Yonhap News reports our first annual survey on public diplomacy of Korea in Europe

News article on "The Rise of South Korea’s Soft Power in Europe – A Survey Analysis of Public Diplomacy" (Korea Focus-Working Paper No. 12)


Verabschiedung Dr. Eric J. Ballbach & Glückwünsche zur neuen SWP-Stelle

Ende 2020 verabschiedete das Institut für Koreastudien der Freien Universität Berlin Dr. Eric J. Ballbach und wünscht ihm alles Gute als Korea Foundation-SWP Fellow


The Rhein-Neckar Zeitung, one of the biggest newspaper agencies in the region around Heidelberg-Mannheim, interviewed Dr Hyun Gyung Kim on the present and future of “Korean Wave” phenomenon

At 13 February, the Rhein-Neckar Zeitung offered an in-depth article on the massive popularity of Korean films, K-pop, and TV series out of Korea's border with the interview of Dr Hyun Gyung Kim, who specialized in feminist cultural studies focused on East Asian region. Link: Der Erfolg ist kein Zufall https://www.rnz.de/panorama/magazin_artikel,-kultur-aus-suedkorea-der-erfolg-ist-kein-zufall-_arid,625117.html


New Publication by Prof Eun-Jeung Lee: "Human Rights and a 'Garden' of Human Community in the post-globalization era"

Abstract : The majority of regimes facing criticism in the international community for their human rights violations have, at some point, turned themselves into advocates of cultural relativism. They argue that their countries have their very own, distinct culture and that human rights, too, need to be understood on the basis of that culture...


Yonhap News report on Federica Mogherinis lecture at our 2021 Human Security and Development Forum

Korean Yonhap News report on our KDIS-FUIKS Korea Europe Center: 2021 Human Security and Development Forum 


New publication by Ro Hak Hui (KISU) with a preface by Vladimir Glomb (FUB)

An example of our academic cooperation between Kim Il-sung University - Freie Universität Berlin - Seoul National University:Ro Hak Hui's (Historian at KISU) article "Materials in Translation - Tonghak: A Progressive Ideological Heritage Indigenous to the Chosōn Nation" with a preface by Vladimir Glomb (FUB) published in the Seoul Journal of Korean Studies 33, No. 2 (Dec 2020): 545-567


[CfA] Postdoctoral Fellowship at the KDIS-FUIKS Korea Europe Center

The Institute of Korean Studies (IKS) at Freie Universität Berlin invites applications for a postdoctoral fellowship at the Korea-Europe Center. Applicants whose research focuses on (North and South) Korea-Europe relations and/or international relations are especially encouraged to apply.