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Prof. Dr. Eiji Oguma
(Keio University, Tokyo, Japan)

Film Screening "Tell the Prime Minister" -  Documentary on Japan's anti-nuclear movement followed by disscussion  

February 4, 2016

After Occupy Wall Street in the US and before the Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong, in summer 2012, around 200,000 people gathered in front of Prime Minister’s Offi ce in Tokyo.They came to protest Japan’s nuclear energy policy following the Fukushima nuclear accident of 2011. Japan’s anti-nuclear movement was not being covered by the media and was thus hidden from the world. The movie is composed of interviews and footage shot by ordinary citizens.

Direction, Production, English Subtitles: Eiji OGUMA / Shooting, Editing: Shunichi ISHIZAKI / Music: Jinta-Ra-Muta / Proof Reading of English Subtitles: Damon Farry / Cast: Naoto KAN, Sachiko KAMEYA, Jacinta HIN, Risa YOSHIDA, Norimichi HATTORI, Misao Redwolf, Chigaya KINOSHITA, Masanori ODA / Presented by UPLINK Co. (2015 / Japan / 109min / Japanese with English Subtitles) ©2015 Eiji OGUMA

Der Vortrag wurde gemeinsam von der Japanologie und der Graduate School of East Asian Studies angeboten.