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Workshop Publish or Perish

German Association for Social Science Research on Japan





Verena Blechinger-Talcott (Berlin Free University)
and Sabine Frühstück (University of California, Santa Barbara)


Berlin, November 19-20, 2009




Publishing in the leading English-language journals has become universally crucial for the pursuit of an academic career no matter whether one is based in Germany, Japan, France, Italy or elsewhere in the non-Anglo-American world. Journal rules and conventions, however, have remained fairly specific to the intellectual style prevalent within a given linguistic or cultural community. Thus it has remained difficult for young scholars to get their work published in those prestigious venues.

This workshop is designed to help remedy that situation. It is the first workshop organized in conjunction with the annual meeting of the German Association for Social Science Research on Japan to help graduate students and junior scholars prepare cogent and publishable journal article manuscripts in English-language journals that share a regional emphasis on Japan and/or Asia and a disciplinary focus on the social sciences. These journals include the following: Asian Survey (U.S.), European Journal of Asian Studies (France), Japan Focus (electronic journal), Japan Forum (UK), Journal of Japanese Studies (U.S.), Pacific Review (UK), Pacific Affairs (Canada), positions: east asia cultures critique (U.S.), Social Science Japan Journal (Japan), Japanese Journal of Political Science (Japan).

Issues that will be addressed at the workshop include the following:

-       Introduction of the specific characteristics of target journals

-       how to pick the right journal for one’s work

-       how to prepare a manuscript for submission

-       how to write to the journal editor

-       how to address readers’ reports and resubmit revised manuscript

All participants are expected to send in advanced drafts of journal article-length manuscripts prior to the workshop. All participants will receive all other participants’ papers in advance and are expected to read and prepare critical comments by the time of the workshop.