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Workshop: Peripheral Liberalism - Market Economists and the liberal script outside the west, 1970-2020

News vom 28.09.2022

The two-day workshop revisits the global history of economic transformation since the 1970s. Scholars from five continents will present new research on the role of (neo-)liberal thought and self-professed liberal intellectual and political figures in countries that once belonged to the second and third worlds during the Cold War

Economic reform debates and the political impact of pro-market economists in countries outside the Cold War Western alliance are undergoing revision by scholars of political economy, global history, and neoliberalism. Most recent research now firmly places intellectual and economic changes within global shifts in economics and economic thought that began in the 1970s, thus moving away from a fixation on 1989 and the arrival of foreign advisors as external promoters of a liberal script created in the West. Forms of ‘peripheral liberalism’, a range of ideas on market- and individual rights-based transformation, emerged in most parts of the world and would – to varying degrees – have momentous effects on economic reforms and political change.

The workshop is organised by members of the Junior Research Group ‘Peripheral Liberalism’: Dr Tobias Rupprecht; Alice Trinkle; Kevin Axe; Maximiliano Jara; George Payne.

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