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Former Visiting Scholars

Seda Altuğ

Boğaziçi University

Project: "Making of Modern Syria: Sect, Land, Politics and Violence (1915–1946)".
Stayed at the Free University from October 2018 till February 2020.

Astrid Nonbo Andersen

University of Aarhus / at FU Berlin until July 2013

Margherita Angelini

University of Padova

Project: "History for Contemporary Timesin Italy and in the Federal Republic of Germany1950s-1970s)".

Katherine Arnold

Mark Beirn

Washington University

Project: "Berlin's Urban Airport Infrastructure from the 1930s to 1950s".

Adam Blackler

University of Minnesota / at FU Berlin until June 2013

Project: "Heathens, ‘Hottentots,’ and Heimat: The Formation of ‘Germanness’ in Southern Africa, 1842-1939".

Ulrich Brandenburg

Universität Zürich

Project: "Japan und der Islam 1890–1914: Zwischen globaler Kommunikation und panasiatischer Bewegung".

Eriks Bredovskis

University of Toronto

Project: "Columbia’s Shadow: American Imperialism and German Anxiety, 1898–1918".
Stayed at the Free University from September 2019 till February 2020.

Kenny Cupers

University of Illinois   

Project: "Architecture, Human Science, and Colonial Territoriality in Imperial Germany".

Celia Donert

Maelia DuBois

University of California

Project: "Birthing Empires: German Overseas Imperialism and the Politics of Reproductive Space".

Marc-André Dufour

University of Toronto

Project: "Germany’s Destiny: Political and Military Conceptions of Germany’s Future, 1896-1925".

Marcela Echeverri

Hiro Fujimoto

University of Tokyo

Project: "The History of Protestant Medical Missions in Asia, 1850–1950".

Sheldon Garon

Princeton University

Project: "When Home Fronts Became Battlegrounds: A Transnational History of Japan, Germany".

Pascale Ghazaleh

American University in Cairo

Project: "The Property of the People: The Battle for National Wealth and Citizens’ Rights in Late Nineteenth-Century Egypt".

Ben Goosen

Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania, USA

Project: "Inventing the Protestant Diaspora, 1871-1945".

Marta Grzechnik

University of Gdańsk

Project: "Making of Modern Syria: Sect, Land, Politics and Violence (1915–1946)".
Stayed at the Free University from February 2020 till May 2020.

Jared Holley

Charlotte Johann

Sophie Jung Kim

Jo Klanovicz

Universidade Estadual do Centro Oeste do Parana

Malak Labib

Jonathan Lear

Thomas Lindner

Bart Luttikhuis

European University Institute / at FU Berlin until the end of 2012

Project: "Constructions of 'Europeanness' in the Dutch East Indies, 1910-1940".

Kris Manjapra

Tufts University

Christopher Mapes

Vanderbilt University

Mahon Murphy 

London School of Economics and Political Science / at FU Berlin until July 2014

Project: "German Prisoners of War and Civilian Internees in the Extra-European Theatre of the First World War".

Eva Maria Mushick

Barend Noordam

Universiteit Leiden

Jannis Panagiotidis

DAAD returning scholar / at FU Berlin until June 2013

Project: "Global Migrations of Central and Eastern European Jews (1950s-1960s)".

Glenn Penny

University of Iowa

Ivo Plsek

University of California, Berkeley

Project: "Japan and Germany after 1945: the role of pre-war political continuities in post-war reconciliation politics".

Tobias Rupprecht

European University Institute, Florence, Italy

Project: "Zwischen Imperialer Vision und globaler Standardisierung. Internationale Zivilluftfahrt in der Sowjetunion und Russland, 1956-1996."

Katja Siepmann

Wonik Son

Harvard University

Project: "The Perception of Disability in the Global Imagination."

Eric Storm

Leiden University

Stayed at the Free University during January 2020.

Fidel J. Tavarez

Cihan Tekay

Mauricio Tenorio Trillo

University of Chicago

Basag Tug

Zeynep Türkyilmaz

EUME Fellow

Project: "An Archeology of Today: Tracing the Genealogies of Yezidi Victimhood".
Stayed at the Free University from October 2018 till January 2020.

Vikram Visana

University of Cambridge

Project: "‘Regenerating the Tribal Soul’: Colonial Thought and Indirect Rule in the Sudan, 1899-1956."

Sean Wempe

Emory University / at FU Berlin until June 2013

Project: "Lost at Locarno? Colonial Germans and the Redefinition of “Imperial” Germany, 1919-1933".

Gavin Wiens

University of Toronto

Project: "Forging an Empire without an Army: Nation-Building, State Sovereignty, and the Imperial German Military, 1871-1914".

Albert Wu

American University of Paris

Zhao Xia

Peking University in China

Project: "The Transformation of positivism in microbiological studies --- From Robert Koch to Ludwik Fleck".

Alexia Yates

Ben van Zee

Yijiang Zhong

University of Tokyo

Project: "The Underside of Japan: Capitalism, Empire, and the Production of  Space in Modern East Asia, 1895-1972".

Christel Zunneberg

Oxford University

Project: "Politics of Post-Imperial Memory in Europe".
Stayed at the Free University from July 2019 till June 2020.

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