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Institute for Near Eastern Archaeology

Fabeckstr. 23-25

Fabeckstr. 23-25
Image Credit: Webteam GeschKult

Fabeckstr. 23/25
14195 Berlin
Mr. Johannes Greger (M.A.), Raum 0.1053
+49 30 838 452106

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Former Location of the Institute

The move to the new building seated at Fabeckstraße is a strong signal to show that the Institute of Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology is by no means an insignificant part of the FU Berlin. Already from the very beginning, all disciplines and subjects have been the essential parts for the research work and self-conception of the university. The new location in Fabeckstraße facilitates the interdisciplinary collaboration to large extent. Here, the history of FU Berlin has started to write a new chapter.

However, we shouldn’t never forget the former culture-immersed mansion in Dahlem Hüttenweg 7 and Gelfertstr. 45 – which housed the beginning of the Institute.