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Instructions for authors

For further information on how to format your contribution, please see the stylesheet available in the download section below.
Authors who make use of reference managers (e.g., Zotero) may also download ZAL's provided CSL to be imported in their reference manager.
Please submit your contribution as both .docx and PDF, including an abstract of max 150 words in English, and a list of four-six keywords.
To submit your article, please contact Prof. em. Dr. Werner Arnold, arnold@uni-hd.de.
There are no submission fees or article processing charges for any submitted or accepted articles.

Font Charis SIL
Fontsize 13 (title)
10 (text)
8.5 (footnotes)
9 (references)
Headings Heading 1, numbered, font size 12 (first numbered heading is numbered 0, e.g., “0. Introduction”);
Heading 1, unnumbered, font size 12 (used, e.g., for “References/Bibliography” heading);
Heading 2, numbered, font size 10, bold;
Heading 2, unnumbered, font size 10, bold (used, e.g., for “abstract” heading)
Emphases italics
References and bibliography

Author names in small caps (in-line and bibliography)

  • In-line citation:

(Author Date); (Author Date: XX)

  • Bibliography:

[Monograph/Collective work]
Last Name, N. (Date): Title. Place: Publishing house.
Last Name, N. [- Last Name, N.] (eds.) (Date): Title. Place: Publishing house.

[Chapter in collective work]
Last Name, N. (Date): Title. In: Last Name, N. [- Last Name, N.] (eds.): Title. Place: Publishing house, XX-XX.

[Journal and Encyclopedia article]
Last Name, N. (Date): Title. In: Journal 1(1), XX-XX.
Last Name, N. (Date): “Title.” In: Encyclopedia, I, XX-XX.