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Dr. Refqa Abu-Remaileh (PalREAD) participating in a workshop on "Regionalism and Borders"

News from Nov 29, 2018

From November 29th  until December 2nd, a workshop on "Regionalism and Borders", curated by Bashir Bashir, takes place in the Vienna Bruno Kreisky Forum.

The proposed project “Regionalism and Borders” at the BKF seeks to capitalize on the forum’s extensive and rich engagements in the politics of the Middle East and Europe in order to invite leading intellectuals and politicians to a series of workshops to discuss in a protected environment the rising new political order and the most pressing and critical questions and challenges that face the people of this region. A particular focus will be paid to the question of Israel/Palestine, which ought to be seen as a regional question rather than a local or a national one.

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