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Reading Wittgenstein in Arabic, edited by Prof. Islam Dayeh

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cover of the issue

News from Sep 08, 2021

The 37th edition of Tabayyun has been published by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies. This Special Issue on "Reading Wittgenstein in Arabic" begins with guest editor Islam Dayeh's introduction and includes the following articles: "Wittgenstein: Language Forms, Life Forms" by Abderrazak Bannour; "Wittgenstein and Logical Behaviorism" by Raja Bahlul; "Wittgenstein’s Picture Theory: On What Can Be Said" by Morris Ayek; "Thinking with Wittgenstein against Wittgenstein. Apel and Habermas: Universalism through the Everyday" by Somar Almir Mahmoud; and "Wittgenstein as a Teacher: The Pedagogical Background of Wittgenstein's Anthropological Philosophy," by Islam Dayeh.
Hajjaj Abu Jabr provides the issue with a translation of Talal Asad's "Thinking about Religion through Wittgenstein." Also included is Marwan Mahmoud's review of Wittgenstein and On Certainty and Islam Dayeh's and Hassane Kissane's Wittgenstein in Arabic: A Bibliography.

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