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Korea.net : Gateway to Korea
http://www.korea.net/  (e)
Official English-language Homepage of the South Korean Government.


전자민원G4C  Korea e-Government
http://www.egov.go.kr/  (k)
http://www.egov.go.kr/eng/index_eng.jsp  (e)
Official e-Government site of South Korea.


국가지식포털  Korea Knowledge Portal
http://www.knowledge.go.kr/main.jsp  (k)
This site is administered by the Korea Agency for Digital Opportunity and Promotion (한국정보문화진흥원) and contains access to official government documents.


KTV 국가기록영상관 (KTV 영상홍보원)
http://film.ktv.go.kr/index.jsp  (k)
Korean news, film and sound recordings from government documents from the 1950’s to the 1990’s.


통계청  Korea National Statistical Office
http://www.nso.go.kr/  (k)
http://www.nso.go.kr/eng2006/emain/index.html  (e)


외교통상부  Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
http://www.mofat.go.kr/main/index.jsp  (k)
http://www.mofat.go.kr/english/main/index.jsp?lang=eng  (e)


문화체육관광부  Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
http://www.mcst.go.kr/main.jsp  (k)
http://www.mcst.go.kr/english/index.jsp  (e)


헌법재판소  The Constitutional Court of Korea
http://www.ccourt.go.kr/  (k)
http://english.ccourt.go.kr/  (e)


대법원  Supreme Court of Korea
http://www.scourt.go.kr/main/Main.work  (k)
http://www.scourt.go.kr/scourt_en/index.html  (e)
Information about history, organization, and judicial processes.


법무부  Ministry of Justice
http://www.moj.go.kr/  (k/e)
Information about the ministry, the justice system and the immigration office.