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Institute of Korean Studies

Welcome to our homepage

The Institute of Korean Studies at Freie Universität Berlin seeks to place modern Korea back into the center of research and teaching. In this context, the Korean Studies Department focuses its research on the politics, economy, society and culture of Korea.

The aim of the study of Korean Studies is the acquisition of knowledge and skills that include a broad spectrum of all aspects of Korea and enables a career in academics, business, media, international organizations and interculturally-oriented institutions. For this study, special importance is placed on the intensive acquisition of Korean language proficiency.

In the scientific examination of the subject of Korean Studies, we deal with specific issues, methods, techniques and theories that serve to analyze the dynamics of Korean society and history. On the one hand, some subjects are borrowed from general research made at the regional level; on the other hand, issues that arise from the study of modern Korea are brought into the discussion of these subjects.

The main research areas of Korean Studies are:

  • The politics, economy and society of Korea
  • Korea's history of ideas and cross-cultural history of ideas
  • Cultural Studies

Eun-Jeung Lee, Prof. Dr.
Director of Korean Studies

Otto-von-Simson-Straße 11
14195 Berlin
Sabine Sommer
+49 30 838 456 898