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Korean Language

Learning Hangul with Soyongdori
http://library.thinkquest.org/20746/non/index.html  (e)
Interactive introduction to Korean writing


Integrated Korean Audio
http://www.hawaii.edu/uhpress/mp3/klear/  (e)
Free download of Audio files (in MP3-Format) from the series "Integrated Korean" published by Hawaii University.
Available are:
- Beginning 1 & 2
- Intermediate 1 & 2
- Advanced Intermediate 1 & 2
(Warning! Due to large file size, download can take a long time!!)


네이버 사전  Naver Wörterbuch
http://dic.naver.com/?frm=nt  (e)


한글 학회  The Hangeul Society
http://www.hangeul.or.kr/  (k)


한글재단  The Hangul Foundation
http://www.hangul.or.kr/  (k)