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Bachelor’s Degree Program

Combination of subjects

Korean Studies / East Asian Studies as a single bachelor's degree program consists of the core courses (120 LP), courses from an related department (30 LP), and also from the 30-LP major study area “General Career Preparation” (ABV). Students must be enrolled in the core subject in order to proceed through this program.

The choice of related department is possible without registration, but must be in accordance with Academic Advising and with the consent of the relevant department or institution.

The 30-LP module offering in Korean Studies or Korean Language can be selected by those enrolled in combination bachelor's degree programs along with a core subject and another 30-LP module. However, students must be enrolled in a related mono-bachelor degree programs. Students in combination bachelor's degree programs will be enrolled only for a combination of the core course and other module offerings.

The 60-LP module offering of Korean studies can be pursued as part of combination bachelor's degree programs with an appropriate 90-LP-core subject.

Language requirements

Knowledge of Korean Language is not required. English skills are required, however, at the level of B1 oder an equivalent level. [Language requirements]

Course of Study

  1. The language courses are spread out over 5 modules and consist of grammar, speaking and writing exercises, as well as translation classes starting from the second year. (40 CP)

  2. Korean Studies I covers the history of Korea and the Korean Studies resources; Korean Studies II is a course covering culture / literature and politics / economics. (16 CP)

  3. Advanced module: In the second year of study, consists of social / economic sciences and a cultural / scientific literature seminar. (12 CP)

 Advanced Module I and II: In the third year, two seminars, each with a reading exercise, where the specialization is on either a sociological or cultural focus. (18 CP)

  4. Thesis (10 CP)

  5. General East Asia Studies: Three modules, each containing an introductory course on China or Japan along with history, economy, politics and culture. (24 CP)

  6. Related Field: Which lecture offerings are “related” (close to the main subject), is subject to agreement between the main department and “related” department. For the most popular subjects, there are (unfortunately) limited quotas. (30 LP)

  7. ABV: "General Career Preparation.” Very different events, all of which broaden professional qualification, including internships. (30 CP)