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Applications for autumn 2024 will open on April 15.

Our program

Archaeology of the Ancient World is a two-year, full-time Master’s program taught in English.

It brings together three disciplines – Prehistoric archaeology, Near Eastern archaeology and Classical archaeology – to approach the past of North Africa, Southwest Asia and Europe through a multi-focus perspective.

The program introduces you to the past of a part of the world that has seen the most intense processes of transformation as well as the most abundant intercultural and inter-society contacts within the last ten thousand years. And for learning about - and in the end contributing to - our knowledge of this past you will acquire theoretical skills in how to treat texts and opinions as well as practical skills in handling artefacts and dealing with data.

As a consecutive program MAAAW builds on knowledge about the past from the fields of archaelogy, history and cultural anthropology that has been acquired in the course of a Bachelor program or through professional qualification.

The Master's program is, as standard in Germany, tuition-free for all students, irrespective of their country of origin.

Why study the Ancient World?

The past is the archive of humanity‘s experiences. Archaeology – because of its scientific approach – is the most unbiased way to learn about those experiences: from how people adapted to environmental change to how aesthetics mirrored intercultural contact; from how samples and observations can reflect a long-gone world to how we can approach past immaterial aspects via the study of material culture today.

Would you like to learn how to think in long-term perspectives, evaluate inferences from silent sources and discerning statements based on arguments from mere narratives? How about combining library expertise with practical excavation skills? Or scrutinizing tiny artefacts with the same rigour as comprehending whole city plans? Archaeology teaches you to really look at and think about things, big and small, appealing or gross – and consider the human beings behind them.

Do you possess excellent English language skills (at least level C1 CEFR)? Do you hold a Bachelor's degree with at least 60 credit points in courses related to the archaeology of the ancient world?

Then the MA AAW may be the right program for you.


Direct all your inquiries to the program's coordinator Maaike Groot via ma-aaw@geschkult.fu-berlin.de.

Please note: We will not answer MAAAW-related emails sent to our individual personal mail addresses. MAAAW-related emails must be sent to the email address specified above. 

For letter post use:

MA Archaeology of the Ancient World (MAAAW)
Dr. Maaike Groot
Institut für Prähistorische Archäologie
Department of History and Cultural Studies
Fabeckstraße 23/25
14195 Berlin
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