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Pandemics and the Politics of Difference. Rewriting the History of Internationalism through Nineteenth-Century Cholera

News from Nov 15, 2020

Valeska Huber has published an article in a special issue of the Journal of Global History - Pandemics that Changed the World: Historical Reflections on COVID-19. The article revisits the origins of internationalism in the field of health and shows how the cholera epidemics of the nineteenth century, much like the current coronavirus crisis, brought global differences such as social inequalities, political hierarchies, and scientific conflicts to the fore. Beyond drawing parallels between the cholera epidemics and the current crisis, the article argues for combining imperial and social histories in order to write richer and more grounded histories of internationalism. It explores this historiographical and methodological challenge by analyzing the boardrooms of the international sanitary conferences, Middle Eastern quarantine stations catering for Mecca pilgrims, and ocean steamships aiming to move without delay during a worldwide health crisis. The article is open access and can be downloaded here.

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