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Großes japanisch-deutsches Wörterbuch 和独大辞典 (Comprehensive Japanese-German Dictionary)

News from Apr 25, 2022

The largest project in German research on Japan, based in the Department of History and Cultural Studies at Freie Universität Berlin since 2005, has now come to a conclusion. Announcing the publication of 

Großes japanisch-deutsches Wörterbuch 和独大辞 (Comprehensive Japanese-German Dictionary)

Volume 3: O - Z 

The three volumes, now complete, offer on 7,523 double-column pages more than 130,000 main entries with several hundred thousand compounds and examples of usage, about 70,000 sample sentences (with sources) from newspapers and magazines, advertising, science and literature, specialized vocabulary (from architecture to flora and fauna, medicine and mathematics to law, sports, economics and finance), provenance and proven etymologiesproverbs and idiomatic expressions, historical and technical explanations. All main and sub-entries, compounds, typical usages and idioms are also given in Latin transcription and are thus accessible to everyone. Marked basic and advanced vocabulary.

The dictionary will be a reliable, fundamental reference tool for generations of Japan researchers over the coming decades and will helpfully support German-Japanese relations at all levels - politics and society, business, science and culture.

A dictionary without peer!

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