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Legacies of World War I in Ottoman and Post-Ottoman Territories

04.07.2019 - 05.07.2019


in Ottoman and Post-Ottoman Territories

July 4 & 5, 2019


In Collaboration with

The Institute of Turcology & the 1914-­‐1918 Online International Encyclopedia of the First World War, and funded in part by the Center for International Collaboration (CIC)


Thursday July 4:

13:15 Opening Remarks


PANEL 1: German (Humanitarian) Interventions in Ottoman Territories

  • Chair/Discussant: Melanie Tanielian (University of Michigan Ann Arbor)

Christin Pschichholz (University of Potsdam), “Total War and Ethnic Violence: German Perception of the Armenian Genocide”

Rolf Hosfeld (Lepsiushaus). “Civil Disobedience: The Catharsis of J. Lepsius in Summer 1915”


15:30-­‐16:00 Coffee Break



PANEL 2: Memoirs of World War I

  • Chair/Discussant: Erdağ Göknar (Duke University)

Vahe Tachjian (Houshamadyan), “The End of Co-­‐existence: Creating a New Armenian Society in Post-­‐Ottoman and Post-­‐Genocide Years”

Murat Cankara (Social Sciences U. of Ankara), “A Catholic Testimony in Turkish on WW1”

Friday July 5


PANEL 3: The Heritages of Violence

  • Chair/Discussant: Vahe Tachjian (Houshamadyan)

Seda Altuğ (Boğaziçi University), “Materiality, Migration and Violence: Remembering World War I in French-­‐Syria”

Esen Egemen Özbek (University of Duisburg-­‐Essen), “Convoluted Memories of WW1 and the Armenian Genocide”

Murat Akser (University of Ulster) & Hülya Adak (FU Berlin & Sabancı U), “Legacies and Transformations: The Myth of Gallipoli in Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s Ahlat Ağacı (The Wild Pear Tree)

11:15-­‐11:30 Coffee Break


PANEL 4: Silent Violence?: The Everyday on the Ottoman Home Front

  • Chair/Discussant: Hans Lukas Kieser (University of Zurich)

Vicken Cheterian (Webster University). “The Religious Factor and Mass Violence in the Last Ottoman decade”

Elke Hartmann (Ludwig-­‐Maximillians-­‐Universität München), “The Missing Context: Understanding the Armenian Genocide from within Ottoman-­‐Turkish Reformism”

Melanie Tanielian (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor), “Saving Bodies & Souls: The Maronite Church’s Relief Work during World War I”


13:15-­‐14:45 LUNCH



PANEL 5: International Law & Histories of Human Rights post-­‐World War I

  • Chair/Discussant: Elke Hartmann (Ludwig-­‐Maximillians-­‐Universität München)

Hans Lukas Kieser (University of Zurich), “The Ottoman Great War’s Result: The Lausanne Treaty, as seen by Djavid Bey”

Hülya Adak (FU Berlin & Sabancı U), “Andre N. Mandelstam: Mass Violence and Deportations during World War I, The Lausanne Peace Treaty & The Declaration of the Universal Rights of Man”


17:00-­‐17:30 Coffee Break



Chair: Oliver Janz

Roundtable (plans for publication)

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04.07.2019 - 05.07.2019

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