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Guest Lecture: Valeriya Lemskaya (Senior Research Fellow, Linguistic Anthropology Laboratory, Tomsk State University)

07.12.2017 | 18:00 c.t.
Chulym people

Chulym people

 "On Morphosyntactic and Morphophonological Variation in Middle Chulym Turkic"

Chulym Turkic has long proven to be a language with a number of irregularities both interesting and hard to solve in Turkology. The language itself is still spoken in the Western Siberia along the River Chulym (the Lower dialect is considered extinct,
with only the Middle dialect remaining). Fewer than a dozen ‘fluent speakers’ and up to several dozens ‘semi-fluent’ speakers or ‘semi-speakers’ are estimated for Chulym Turkic. Despite the few speakers and a rather limited area of distribution, the
language itself displays a great variation in its morphosyntax / morphophonology. The lecture is aimed at discussing these cases with consideration of the field data material collected within 2006-2016.

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07.12.2017 | 18:00 c.t.

Raum: 1.2052, Fabeckstr. 23-25, 14195 Berlin