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KDIS-FUIKS Korea-Europe Center - SLS 2022 - Exploring Everyday Life in North Korea

The KDIS-FUIKS Korea-Europe Center invites you to the 2022 online Special Lecture Series: Exploring Everday Life in North Korea.

KEC Special Lecture Series on North Korea - Exploring Everyday Life in North Korea

KEC Special Lecture Series on North Korea - Exploring Everyday Life in North Korea

North Korea (the DPRK) is one of the countries we hear of frequently in our daily lives, but we do not know much about the lives of the people who live there. North Korean Studies are not only concerned with North Korean politics, ideology, or nuclear weapons, they also strive for a better understanding of life in North Korea. Understanding North Korea includes understanding the lives of its people.


1) 28 November 2022:  Middle School and High School Life in North Korea [Registration]

Park Yeong-I, Documentary Film-Maker and Director of “The Sky‐Blue Symphony: The Story of The Korean Schools in Japan (2016)”


2) 12 December 2022: Recent Trends Related to Consumer Goods in North Korea [Registration]

Pak Jaehun (Director of Research and Planning, Korea Media Co., Ltd. (www.dprkmedia.com)) 


3) 9 January 2023: An Examination of the Structure of the Self-Supporting Economy – With a Special Focus on Regional Distribution and Integration [Registration]

Dr Lyu Hak Su ((Associate Professor, The University of Kitakyushu)


4) 30 January 2023: Changes in North Korean Television and What They Can Tell Us About Life in North Korea [Registration]

Dr Hyun-Kyung Kim (Producer and Anchor for North Korea-focused TV program “Observatory for Reunification”, MBC TV)

Moderator: Dr. Hojye Kang

Online event


Monday, November 28th 2022 - January 30th 2023

4:00 - 6:00 PM


Webex (online)

Online registration:

Please refer to the Registration Links above for each Lecture


Dr. Hojye Kang: hojye.kang@fu-berlin.de