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KEC International Graduate student Conference 2022

KEC International Graduate student Conference 2022

KEC International Graduate student Conference 2022

The Institute of Korean Studies welcomed 14 graduate students from 7 universities in 6 countries (Berlin, Bochum, Leiden, Prague, Paris, Seoul and Venice - BVS and PBBP) majoring in Korean Studies to present their individual research during the Joint International Conference 2022 (BVS and PBBP).


Hyun-Joo Heo (Seoul)
"Organizations and Activities of Propaganda-Agitation by Korean Communist Party in South Korea, 1945-1948"

Soo-Yeon Kang (Seoul)
"Transnational Anti-Colonial Left-Feminism: the case of the North Korean Democratic Women’s League 1946~1949"

Katja Ziegler (Seoul)
"Cultural Exchange in the Communist Bloc - Experiences from East German Exchange Students in North Korea"

Su-Hyeon Hong (Seoul)
"Historiography of International Medical Assistance to Korea during the Korean War"

Sung-min Yoon (Seoul)
"The Implications of Peace Corps Participation in Public Health Program in Korea, 1960s~1970s"

Jun-sang Lee (Berlin)
"Korean Diaspora in Germany. Educational Migration"

Lidia Cossu (Venice)
"The Study of Anti-Communist Oratorical Contest in the 1950s of South Korea"

Rahel Plassen (Leiden)

"Implementing the tribute system in triangular North-East Asian relations: 10th century Koryŏ's investiture politics"

Anja Schmidt (Bochum)
"Buddhismus und Konfuzianismus in den chapcho von Kim Sisup"

Mareike Urbanek (Bochum)
"The dynamics of political communication in the Choson Dynasty"

Océane Lachaud (Paris)
"The institutionalization of smallpox vaccination in Korea from 1876-1905"

Irene Maier (Berlin)
"Post-World War Two Korea in the life and work of German legal scholar and political scientist Ernst Fraenkel"

Silvie Anna Hasalíková (Prague)
"Faces of Korean postmodern literature"

Marketa Gruenerova (Prague)
"Korean Ghost Stories in the Internet Era"