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FUIKS Special Lecture Series - Reading Korean popular culture

Diskurse über koreanische Popkultur in Deutschland

This semester, the topic of the special lecture series hosted by the Institute of Korean Studies is Korean popular culture.

FUIKS SLS Korean popular culture-Poster

FUIKS SLS Korean popular culture-Poster
Bildquelle: Institute of Korean Studies

Squid Game, Mukbang and BTS? Korean popular culture content seems to have reached the height of its popularity. Despite this, knowledge about global audience reception and discourse surrounding the Korean Wave is still lacking. Approaching the recent changes and trends concerning Hallyu (the Korean Wave) from different perspectives, this lecture series takes the first step towards an open discussion about Korean popular culture in Germany, the world and cyber-space.


Prof. Dr. Eun-Jeung Lee

Prof. Dr. Eun-Jeung Lee is since 2008 professor at the Freie University Berlin, Dean of History and Cultural Studies and Director of the Graduate School of East Asian Studies and Institute of Korean Studies. She studied political science at the Ewha University, Korea and the University of Göttingen and received her doctoral degree in 1993 at the university Göttingen finishing her “Habilitation” in 2001 at the University of Halle, Germany. She taught at universities in Korea, Japan and Germany and is a member of the Academy of Science and Humanity in Berlin-Brandenburg (f. Prussian Academy of Art and Science), and Academia Europea. In 2019 she received the Order of Civil Merit, Peony Medal from the Republic of Korea for her research and education activities in the field of unification and transformation. Furthermore, she was awarded with the 2013 Mirok Lee Price for her contribution for German-Korean relation. She has published ten monographs and more than 100 papers, including Korea und der Konfuzianismus (Wiesbaden 2021), Confucian Academies in East Asia  (Leiden. 2020), Ostasien denken (Baden-Baden 2014), Korea im demokratischen Aufschwung (Leipzig 2005) “Anti-Europa”. Die Geschichte der Rezeption des Konfuzianismus und der konfuzianischen Gesellschaft seit der frühen Aufklärung (Münster 2003) and Konfuzianismus und Kapitalismus (Münster 1997). In 2018, she completed the collection of documents on German unification in 30 volumes.

Hybrid event


Tuesday, 28 June 2022

6:00- 7:30 PM


Webex (online)


Institute of Korean Studies
Otto-von-Simson-Straße 11
14195 Berlin

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