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Cultural Diversity through the lens of Youtube: Comparing Germany and Korea

This semester, the topic of the special lecture series hosted by the Institute of Korean Studies is Korean popular culture.

FUIKS SLS Korean popular culture-Poster

FUIKS SLS Korean popular culture-Poster
Bildquelle: Institute of Korean Studies

Squid Game, Mukbang and BTS? Korean popular culture content seems to have reached the height of its popularity. Despite this, knowledge about global audience reception and discourse surrounding the Korean Wave is still lacking. Approaching the recent changes and trends concerning Hallyu (the Korean Wave) from different perspectives, this lecture series takes the first step towards an open discussion about Korean popular culture in Germany, the world and cyber-space.

Cultural Diversity through the lens of Youtube: Comparing Germany and Korea

In light of the 20th anniversary of the UNESCO declaration on cultural diversity the lecture takes a look at the current state of cultural diversity in the virtual space. Choosing the video-sharing platform YouTube as the analytical focus, most successful content, central actors, and their impact on the “real” world in Germany and Korea are discussed. Is the virtual space blending into reality and contributing to cultural diversity? And what about the much-discussed phenomenon of hybridization?


Gwendolyn Domning

Gwendolyn Domning is a research assistant and PhD student at the Institute of Korean Studies and Graduate School of East Asia Studies. While her main research interest lies in corruption and anti-corruption studies from an institutional perspective, she recently started to study the Korean Wave and its impact in Germany and around the world.

Hybrid event


Tuesday, 24 May 2022

4:15-6:00 PM


Webex (online)


Institute of Korean Studies
Otto-von-Simson-Straße 11
14195 Berlin

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