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How North Korea Meets the World: Structure and Trends of International Trade

The KDIS-FUIKS Korea-Europe Center invites you to the 2022 online Special Lecture Series: How to understand North Korea.

SLS 2022 - How to Understand North Korea

SLS 2022 - How to Understand North Korea
Bildquelle: Institute of Korean Studies

Official documents by state actors are one of the main types of information sources used for understanding North Korea. Beside these documents, defector-migrants’ accounts provide an alternative source - possibly even a window into the private everyday life of North Korean citizens. Another information source is data on foreign trade, which offers a glimpse into North Korea's integration into regional and international markets and connectedness. Lastly, individual travel reports from North Korea may offer valuable information on everyday life in the rural North Korea, especially so when there's direct contact with locals.

Three presenters are invited to the 2022 Freie University Berlin – Institute of Korean Studies special lecture series “Understanding North Korea”. The first presenter, Joseph Lee is senior researcher at the Korean International Trade Association currently writing a doctoral thesis on Korean international trade. The next presenter Dr. Hyuk Jung has written his doctoral thesis on defector-migrants. The final presenter is Jaeeyon Chung, who traveled North Korea twice, in 2018 and 2019. In 2019, she had the opportunity to stay at a private house in North Hamgyong Province.

North Korea interacting with the World: Structure and Trends of International Trade

Presenter: Joseph Lee (Senior Researcher, Korea International Trade Association)

International trade of North Korea in its unique forms has developed and also hindered by sanctions up to date. In this lecture, the overall structure of North Korean trade is studied using United Nation and World Trade Organisation data. Major trading countries, items and changing trends are discussed. Furthermore, in this lecture, two fundamental questions will be addressed: why does North Korea trade and how?

Joseph Lee serves as a senior researcher at KITA (Korea International Trade Association) since 2010. In his role, He has worked for the trade-related research and promotion in various fields including Americas, North Korea, global logistics. He was dispatched to the Korean Ministry of Trade working at office of Trans Pacific Partnership and Korea-U.S. FTA from 2016 to 2018. He has dedicated his research career on the trade of North Korea contributing articles on the trade and sanction of North Korea for various institutions: Korea Statistics Service, KREI, KIEP, KMI, KITA. And he established the statistics service on North Korean trade at KITA, which is also provided at Korean ministry of Unification simultaneously. Joseph Lee finished the doctorate coursework in International Commerce from Korea University. He holds a Master of Politics from Korea University, and a Bachelor of European Studies as major and Business administration as minor from Korea University.

Moderator: Dr. Hojye Kang

Hybrid event


Tuesday, 17 May 2022

2:15-3:45 PM


Online: Webex


Institute of Korean Studies
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Dr. Hojye Kang: hojye.kang@fu-berlin.de