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KEC Special Lecture Series - Industrial Society Korea undergoing Deindustrialisation - Culture, Creativity and Entrepreneurship: Korean Content Industry Cases

30.01.2023 | 12:15 - 13:45

IKS presents a special lecture series focusing on the political economy in South Korea as part of the module of 21 Century Korea. For the final public lecture of the series, Mr Ilhan Hong from Hanyang University in Korea will talk about the cultural industry and big business influence in Korea by looking at the case of the content industry and CJ E&M.

KEC Special Lecture Series 2023 - Adj. Prof. Illhan Hong

KEC Special Lecture Series 2023 - Adj. Prof. Illhan Hong

"Culture, Creativity and Entrepreneurship: Korean Content Industry Cases"


Industries are sometimes transformed by large capital with steady momentum and motivation. Focusing on CJ ENM, a conglomerate that is credited with developing Korea's culture industry to a new level, we will look into the company's formation process and cases of development in each field, such as movies, dramas, and music. You may see how the legacy and passion inherited from the founder of Samsung have developed the Korean cultural industry and what power it has gained in the current generation.


Adj. Prof Ilhan Hong (Adjunct Professor at Hanyang University (Dept. of Culture and Content) & UMAG COO/Co-founder)

Based on the premise of temporal points of concurrency, Ilhan co-founded UMAG, where he engages in IP management and music media broadcast for everyday life. Achieving multi-billion views and generating 70% of the channel traffic overseas, he continues to enjoy the infinite expansion of content without boundaries. He has performed various tasks in the realms of music and media for several companies including CJ Group (Secretary’s Office, ENM, Studio Dragon), SK Telecom, and further explored content and platforms. Having served as the CSO of WHYNOT Media and HB Entertainment, he plays a key role in designing and implementing new business and strategies for the cultural industry.

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30.01.2023 | 12:15 - 13:45


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Dr. Kahee Jo (kahee.jo@fu-berlin.de)