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6th Annual Kim Dae Jung Lecture - Suggestions for a Renewed Approach to Peace on the Korean Peninsula

12.06.2023 | 16:30 - 18:00

In memory of the late South Korean president and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Kim Dae Jung, the Institute of Korean Studies of the Freie Universität Berlin celebrates the 6th Annual Kim Dae Jung Lecture. Former Prime Minister Lee Nakyon will give a lecture with the title “Suggestions for a Renewed Approach to Peace on the Korean Peninsula”.

6th Annual Kim Dae Jung Lecture

6th Annual Kim Dae Jung Lecture

"Suggestions for a Renewed Approach to Peace on the Korean Peninsula"

A lecture by:

Mr. Lee Nakyon (Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea)

About Mr. Lee Nakyon:

LEE NAKYON is a former prime minister of the Republic of Korea, who served under the Moon Jae-in administration. He graduated from Seoul National University with a degree in law and became a journalist at Dong-a Ilbo. After 21 years as a journalist, he entered politics in 2000 to support the former President Kim Dae Jung in his endeavours and served five terms as a member of the National Assembly. During his fourth term in 2014, he became the governor of South Jeolla Province until President Moon nominated Lee as his first prime minister in 2017. Furthermore, he was elected as chairperson of the Democratic Party of Korea in 2020. During his years in public affairs, he has focused on both the domestic and international affairs of South Korea. As prime minister, he was responsible for overall domestic issues, including the safety of the citizens and society. He was a member of the Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee at the National Assembly, in which he worked towards a peaceful inter-Korean relationship. He currently serves as a Visiting Scholar at the GW Institute for Korean Studies, where his research focuses on the peacebuilding process on the Korean peninsula.

Zeit & Ort

12.06.2023 | 16:30 - 18:00


Holzlaube, Fabeckstr. 23/25, -1.2009 großer Hörsaal (UG)

Weitere Informationen

Dr. Hyondok Choe (hyondok.choe[at]fu-berlin.de)