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Starting off the semester with visiting Soprano Prof. Dr. Moon-Sook Park

Park Moon-Sook

Park Moon-Sook

News vom 06.10.2022

Kicking-off the semester with the pre-study course of the winter 2022, the Institute of Korean Studies has the great pleasure to welcome soprano Prof. Dr. Moon-Sook Park.

In order to get freshmen of Korean Studies quickly accustomed to the Korean language for their future studies, Prof. Park offers to study Korean songs. Singing and practicing songs together, students playfully learn more about the phonetics of the Korean language. The Institute of Korean Studies expresses its profound gratitude to her for making this innovation in our pre-study course possible.

Park is a native of Korea, began her professional career in Europe with countless performances as a soloist to her credit. She has presented numerous solo concerts, chamber music, and operatic works in the U.S., Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia, and Korea, in addition to various performances of avant-garde music. She was also a long-term stipend recipient of K.A.A.D. in Germany and won the coveted Bayreuth Stipend Award for extraordinary young artists.

Park joined the faculty of the University of Arkansas in 2012, having previously taught at Palm Beach Atlantic University, Sejong University and Seoul National University in Seoul. Park holds a D.M.A in Voice Performance and Vocal Pedagogy from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music and graduate degrees from Freiburg, Saarbrücken, and Stuttgart music conservatories in Germany; as well as a private diploma from the Academia di Canto F. Cavalli of Milan, Italy; and a B.M from Seoul National University, Korea.

Since Park’s U. S. début solo recital at Carnegie Hall in 2001, she has found her second home in the U.S. and her reputation as a performer and scholar has been acknowledged nationally and internationally in recitals, lecture recitals, solo concerts, chamber music, operatic works, avant-garde music, master classes, and paper presentations.

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