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European Association for Japanese Studies

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The European Association for Japanese Studies (EAJS) is an association of scholars and researchers focusing on Japan. The general objectives of the (EAJS) are to stimulate interest in and promote research in Japanese Studies in all countries of Europe, Japan and the world. The EAJS aims to promote the flow of information and communication in this particular field of studies through triennial international conferences in Europe and Japan, as well as through symposia and workshops.

The EAJS Officers are Prof. Dr. Verena Blechinger-Talcott (EAJS President), Prof. Dr. Urs Matthias Zachmann (EAJS Treasurer) and Prof. Dr. David Mervart (EAJS Secretary).

The EAJS website (www.eajs.eu) is temporarily unavailable due to maintenance work. We hope the main site will be back online soon.

For information and registration for the 16th EAJS International Conference 2021, please visit the conference website at https://nomadit.co.uk/eajs/eajs2021/.

For information about applying for and renewing membership in the EAJS, please visit https://nomadit.co.uk/eajs/eajs2021/membership.

Information on the EAJS email list can be found at https://lists.fu-berlin.de/listinfo/eajs-l/.

For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at office@eajs.eu.

The EAJS Office is located at the Japanese Studies Department at FU Berlin and attached to the Chair of Modern Japanese Culture and History, Professor Urs Matthias Zachmann, during his tenure as Treasurer for the European Association for Japanese Studies (2020 -).

Here you can find the text of the EAJS Constitution in Englisch and in German.

You can find the invitation to the EAJS General Meeting in 2021 here.

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Office of the European Association for Japanese Studies (EAJS)
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