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Prof. Cécile Sakai: Japanese Studies and Translations in France: History and Emerging Paradigms in a Globalized World


Prof. Cécile Sakai
Paris Diderot, Paris 7 University, Frankreich


"Japanese Studies and Translations in France: History and Emerging Paradigms in a Globalized World"


3. Juni 2010


The presentation will be divided into three parts: first a brief history of Japanese Studies in France (main institutions, fields, contributions), then a brief history of the French translations of Japanese Literature (main steps and characteristics). We shall reflect on whether a French mode of reception and elaboration can be identified. Thirdly, our reflection will focus on the present times, with new developments linked partly to the current reshifting of the worldwide cultural balances, as well as the revolution of the technological environment. Japanese Studies and Translations are adapting their specificities to this new framework, challenging the question of «Japaneseness» out of Japan.


Zur Person:

Cécile Sakai is Professor in Japanese Literature at the East Asian Languages and Civilizations Department (UFR LCAO), Paris Diderot – Paris 7 University since 2000. Her research areas include three main domains of researches concerning Japanese Modern Literature (from Meiji to nowadays): → Japanese Literature and Sociological Approaches, through the study of mass phenomenons; → Japanese Literature and Poetics; → Translation studies, considering translation as a linguistic and trans-cultural phenomenon.

Her main publications are Histoire de la littérature populaire japonaise (1900-1980), Paris, L'Harmattan, 1987, and Kawabata le clair-obscur - Essai sur une écriture de l’ambiguïté, Paris, Puf, coll. Ecriture, 2001.