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Prof. Dr. Miyajima Hideaki
(Waseda University, Japan)

"Convergence or Emerging Diversity? Understanding the Impact of Foreign Investors on Corporate Governance in Japan"

December 2, 2015

Miyajima Hideaki is Director of the Waseda University Institute for Advanced Study (WIAS), Vice-president of Waseda Institute for Corporation Law and Society and Vice-director´of Waseda Institute of Finance Special Research Fellow, Policy Research Institute at the Ministry of Finance of Japan. His research focus lies on Japanese Economy, Economic History of Japan, Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance and Comparative Financial Systems. Selected Publications include Nihon no M&A (M&A in Japan) (Toyo Keizai Shinposya, 2007), Sangyo Seisaku to Kigyo Tochi no Keizaishi: Nihon Keizai Hatten no Micro Bunseki (Industry Policy and Corporate Governance in historical Perspective: Institutional Analysis of Japanese Economic Development; Yuhikaku, 2004) and Corporate Governance in Japan: Institutional Change and Organizational Diversity (with Masahiko Aoki, Gregory Jackson) (Oxford University Press, 2007).

Der Vortrag wurde gemeinsam von der Japanologie und der Graduate School of East Asian Studies angeboten.