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Huda Lutfi (Kairo): Cut and Paste.

TypKolloquium zur Kunst Afrikas
InstitutionKHI, Abteilung Kunst Afrikas
RaumKoserstr. 20 | A 1.24

18:00 Uhr c.t.

In “Cut and Paste” Huda Lutfi presents a psycho-geographic archive of emotions, gestures, figures of speech and images that circulated in public space during Egypt’s transitional period. The exhibition’s title “Cut and Paste” refers to the material process of making collages, as well as the archival process of collecting information from the internet. But it also refers to a certain frenetic process of history-making, in which the same events seem to repeat themselves over and over again.

Huda Lutfi (Cairo) has a long and accomplished career as a visual artist. Her work engages a variety of themes ranging from popular culture to globalization, from urban issues to questions of Sufism and religion, moving between mixed media installations, painting, collage, photo montage and calligraphic abstraction. Her work was exhibited widely in Egypt, the Arab World as well as in Europe and the USA. It is part of major museum collections and subject of multiple reviews and publications by Samia Mehrez and Negar Azimi. Huda Lutfi’s artistic practice is highly influenced by her academic career as a cultural historian. She received her PhD from the University of Montreal. From 1983 until 2009 she was a Professor of Arab Cultural History at the American University in Cairo.

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Image credits:
“Fool’s Journal” AND “Democracy is coming” – Huda Lutfi 2013
© The artist