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Institute of Religious Studies

Religious studies (German: Religionswissenschaft) is an academic discipline which employs (but is not limited to) historical, philological, and sociological approaches to analyse past and present religions. Religious studies takes a neutral perspective on religion(s) and is concerned with understanding the religious beliefs and practices of different cultures and eras. 

The Institute of Religious Studies at the Freie Universität Berlin focuses on the European tradition from Greek antiquity to the modern era, whilst also including both scriptural and non-scriptural cultural traditions outside of Europe in its programme. It emphasises the critical examination of fundamental concepts, theories, and methods relevant to the study of religion. This includes the analysis of specific religious and cultural developments as well as of the transfer and transformation of religious ideas and practices in all areas of culture, such as literature, art, philosophy, and the history of scholarship. 

A short history of the institute in German can be found here

 Contact information for general enquiries: 


Fabeckstr. 23–25

14195 Berlin


Professor Goedde

Stephanie Kuffel, Room 0.1001

Tel. (030) 838 66333

Email: religionswissenschaft@geschkult.fu-berlin.de 

Office Hours for Professor Goedde (Room 0.1002)

Tuesdays, 3–4pm. Please sign up in advance by sending a brief e-mail to Professor Goedde at susanne.goedde@fu-berlin.de

Office Hours for Professor Schlesier

To contact Professor Schlesier, please send an e-mail to arbeitsbereich-schlesier@geschkult.fu-berlin.de with a clear indication of what you wish to discuss. Office hours are available by appointment only and usually take place Tuesdays from 15:00–16:00. 

Office Hours for Professor Zinser

Professor Zinser's office hours are by appointment only. To arrange an appointment, please send an e-mail to Professor Zinser at zinser@zedat.fu-berlin.de.