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Fellows & Collaborators

Dr. Dima Ayoub

Paratext and Power: Modern Arabic Literature in Translation


Dr. Sophia Brown (2021-2024)

Fellow Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung

Displaced Texts: Arabic Literature in the Anglophone Literary Marketplace


Dr. Amal Eqeiq

Affiliated Visiting Fellow

Research and Teaching Interests: Comparative & World Literatures; Global South Studies; Performance, Feminism(s); Indigenous Studies; Border Studies; Critical Theory; Hip-Hop; Translation; Creative Writing

Amal Eqeiq Photo Credit Jay Corey

Dr. Nora Parr (2020-2023)

Fellow Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung

‘What is the Arabic for ‘Trauma’? traces the emergence of a unique paradigm for the recounting of violence that is distinct from but in conversation with existing trauma theory.


Dr. Maysoon Shibi (2023-2025)

Research Fellow Minerva Stiftung

The Poetry of Arab Women in the Modern Era: a prosodical inquiry into the reasons WHY?

Maysoon Shibi 2023-2


Numerous contributors also from outside the project team have added their expertise and efforts to achieve the goals of the PalREAD project. Read more about our supporters.

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