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Research Fields

Politics and Economy

China's remarkable growth in the last three decades has been accompanied by a transition from a public to a mixed economy. In the research field Politics & Economy we research public and private economy, foreign relations, as well as relations between the central government and local governments.

History and Culture

Research in the field History & Culture focuses, among other topis, on the emergence of Modern China, colonialism, gender, and business history.

Digital China

As new information technologies and the advent of “big data” are reshaping societies around the globe, inquiries into the nature and varieties of digital governance and their consequences become increasingly urgent.


Chinese Society has undergone tremendous changes within the last three decades. This research stream looks at questions regarding the relations between state and society, urbanization and migration, as well as law and society.

Chinese Linguistics and Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (TCFL)

This research field investigates the Chinese language as the basis of our access to and understanding of China as well as related questions regarding the Teaching of Chinese in a European context.


This research stream looks at the meaning and function of religion(s) within contemporary as well as historical China.


The role of the state regarding environmental politics in China has undergone a dramatic shift, with the state paying more and closer attention to the environment. In this research field we take a closer look at environmental policies, water policies, climate policies and the energy sector.