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Welcome to the Institute of Iranian Studies

Welcome to our web site which invites you to learn more about the Institute of Iranian Studies. Inform yourself about Iranian Studies as an academic field and about its institutional history and development at the Freie Universität.

You will find the Institute’s contact details (phone, fax, e-mail, opening hours and map) by pressing the Contact button in the above bar. Staff details, including office hours, can be found by clicking Staff in the above bar.

Our web pages introduce you to the following sections:

  • Study (information in German about degree courses, courses offered, etc.);
  • Research (projects, cooperations and publications by members of the Institute);
  • Links & Tools (useful hints and advice, including computer adjustment to Arabic-Persian characters)
  • Archive (selection of news and dates of past years)

Please visit us regularly to obtain current information:

If you have any queries or remarks concerning our web site, please write to Administration Office.