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Ramin Shahzadi

Ph.D Candidate (DAAD Scholarship holder)

Fabeckstr. 23-25
Room 1.1017
14195 Berlin

Field of research:

Lack of knowledge and written sources in the field of studying modern and contemporary Iranian Zoroastrians are one of the points that need more attention and effort. This aims to record the way of performing rituals during the past five decades by Iranian Zoroastrians (mainly living in Tehran, Yazd, Kerman, Shiraz and Isfahan) and tries to find the changes during the last decades.

Zoroastrian Rituals and ceremonies should be considered from the following different aspects and view Points:
- The purpose, time, condition, place and situation.
- The actions performing by Mobeds (Zoroastrian Priest).
- Segments of Avesta or text in other languages that are recited by Mobeds (and/or participants).
- Instruments and objects being used by Mobeds (and/or participants).
- The role of other participants and ordinary people coming to the ceremony.

This effort was tried to add some narratives and details about the way of performing the ceremonies from the viewpoint of the Mobed who performing the ceremony and the actions which be performed by him/ her. Also, in between, further information about the circumstances and other remarkable things that being noticed or done by other participants are being presented. The usage of verbal and Non-written materials are parts of the main sources of knowledge that add value to this research.