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Testimonials from the previous years

“Intellectual Encounters of the Islamicate World program was an inspiring experience; apart from the fascinating focus on Islam and its fellow-religions, the open-minded and innovative environment of the program led to a flourish intriguing discourse which could have not taken place in any other circumstances.”

Natalie V. B., Academic Year 2016/17, PhD candidate University of Chicago


"There are few programs that can enrich a student both on the academic as well as the human level; IEIW is one of them. On the one hand, the program provided me with the academic credentials and accumulated knowledge that facilitated my admittance into Yale University’s PhD program in Islamic studies. On the other, it allowed me to let go of my prejudice; and that is the most precious gift ever given to me as a human being and aspiring academic. Because it gave me the courage to say I do not know, to avoid passing judgments personally and academically; and give myself the opportunity to observe, listen, and learn unconditionally!"

Aseel F., Academic Year 2014/15, PhD candidate Yale University


“I had the honor and pleasure of studying the Intellectual Encounters of the Islamicate World MA program at FU. I was privileged to learn more about scientific research and time management at the hands of some of the best professors and tutors.

It was an immense benefit for me being educated by some of the best professors in their respective fields of teaching. The student experience was beyond enriching and I got to meet, study and learn with a group of bright and aspiring students from four different nationalities and various cultural and religious backgrounds.

Having the scientific setup at such a prestigious university like FU under my disposal made the educating experience a great success for me.”

Amro E., Journalist, Academic Year 2014/15

“The MA program matches the need of our today’s life to incorporate digital connection, scholarly innovation, and creative pedagogy. I learned the vibrant discourse on social and intellectual diversity between the variety of religious members within the classical Islamicate world but also engaged with international scholars and especially Israeli-Palestinian fellows who, I believe, attempt to create a Kulturraum based on their respective roles for the pursuit of mutualistic-hybrid symbiosis.”

Zacky K. U., Academic Year 2013/14, PhD candidate at the Berlin Graduate School of Muslim Cultures and Societies


“A truly amazing experience. Intellectually inspiring, socially exciting and personally remunirating. The best choice I have made in many years!”
Avi S., Academic Year 2016/17


“The program developed me both as a scholar and as a person. I think it is the perfect platform for students to meet with "the other" while studying with top-notch professors. The informal atmosphere and the shared experience made us one group- that in retrospect I feel was crucial in creating personal connections between Israelis and Palestinians. For the first time, we were not against, but rather on the same side. In sum, I warmly recommend the program for those who seek to advance their academic career, deepen their knowledge of the Middle East history and above all- not afraid to meet new people!”

Alon D., Academic Year 2015/16, PhD candidate Leiden University

“Not only is the IEIW a programme about comparative religions, but also a window to a manifold of cultures and human expressions that invites us to explore past epochs, bettering our understanding of the present, shaping our future. A curriculum rhythmed by chief researchers who generously instil the sessions with their knowledge and intellect. A curiosity feast to enjoy with enthusiasm and free spirit.”

Hadi D., Academic Year 2016/17

“The course was put together very well. I found it interesting, challenging, and I liked how it enabled me to interact with other colleagues.”

Mohammed S., Academic Year 2016/17