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Prof. Dr. Irmela Hijiya-Kirschnereit

Dr. phil. habil., Professor of Japanology (Literature and Cultural Studies) at Berlin Free University since 1991. From 1985 through 1986, Professor for Japanese Literature and the Sociology of Literature at Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo. Professor for Japanese Studies at Trier University. Director of the German Institute for Japanese Studies, Tokyo, 1996-2004

Research Areas:

Modern and Contemporary Japanese Literature, Comparative Studies, Sociology of Language, Semiotics of Culture, Methodology of Japanese Studies. Editor of Japanische Bibliothek (Japan Library, Insel Publishers, 32 vols., 1993-2000) and of Iaponia Insula: Studien zu Kultur und Gesellschaft Japans (Iaponia Insula: Studies on the Culture and Society of Japan, Iudicium Publishers, 13 vols.)


Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences, Academia Europaea, European Association for Japanese Studies, Gesellschaft für Interkulturelle Germanistik, Association for Asian Studies, Gesellschaft für Japanforschung, P.E.N. Japan, German Academy for Culinary Studies. Editorial Board of Monumenta Nipponica, Tokyo, and Japan Forum, Oxford

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