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Tanja Hidde

Freie Universität Berlin

BabMed - Babylonian Medicine

+49 (0)30 838 55256 [from 05/2021: History of Knowledge of the Ancient World]

Tanja Hidde studied Jewish Studies at the Freie Universität Berlin and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She won her MA with a Feminist Commentary on Mishnah Shevu’ot (Late Antiquity focus studies). Prior to her academic career, Tanja Hidde underwent a professional training at intensive care medicine at Charité – University Medical Center.
Besides gender releated topics in Rabbinic Literature she focusses on the transfer of knowledge of the Talmud, specializing in questions of medical science. Since November 2014, Tanja Hidde is a member of the BabMed project researching her dissertation „Diet & Regimen in the Babylonian Talmud“. In 2015/16 she has taught as Prof. Tal Ilan’s assistant at the Institute of Jewish Studies at the Freie Universität Berlin.


“One who swallows a hornet will certainly not live” - the role of insects, worms and crawlers in Talmudic medical discourse, at: EABS Annual Meeting, Leuven, Belgium, 19.07.2016.

"Senses & Sensibilities" - Sight, Smell & Taste in Rabbinic Literature: An Overview, at: Freie Universität Berlin, BabMed Seminar 2, 02.02.2016.

”Ravenous Hunger and Bowel Trouble: Babylonian Rabbinic Concepts for a healthy way of life” at: AJS 47th Annual Conference, Boston, Massachusetts, 13.-15.12.2015.

"'The long way here is the short way there': The Menstruant and the Temple, Mishnah Shevu’ot 2:3-4" at: SBL Annual Meeting, Atlanta, 22.11.2015.

"Bulmos/Boulímos in the Talmudic Tradition" at: Medical Knowledge from Ancient Babylonia to Talmudic Babylonia, Schechter Institute, Jerusalem, 20.09.2015.

”Diet and Regimen in the Two Talmudic Traditions from Palestine and Babylonia”, with L. Lehmhaus, at II CHAM International Conference ‒ Knowledge Transfer and Cultural Exchanges; FCSH/Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, 15.-18.06.2015.

“Drei Dinge lassen den Körper wachsen – ein vergleichender Blick auf die Regeln zur gesunden Lebensweise (diaita) in den beiden Talmudtraditionen“, with L. Lehmhaus, at: 35. Treffen des Interdisziplinären Arbeitskreises Alte Medizin, Johannes Gutenberg Universität, Mainz, 20.-21.06.2015.

“A Feminist Commentary on Mishnah Shevu’ot“ at: A Folk Unto Themselves – A Workshop on Writing a Feminist Commentary on the Babylonian Talmud, Freie Universität Berlin, 04.-06.02.2014.


Edited Books

Tal Ilan, Monika Brockhaus & Tanja Hidde (Hrsg.), Introduction to Seder Qodashim – A Feminist Commentary on the Babylonian Talmud, Tübingen 2012.

Courses Taught

Winter 15/16 - Introduction to Rabbinic Literature

Summer 16 - Talmudic Medicine