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Sona C. Eypper

BabMed - Babylonische Medizin

Professur für Wissensgeschichte

Guest researcher/Project advisor, Assyriology

Fabeckstraße 23/25 (Holzlaube)
Room 1.1011
14195 Berlin

Sona C. Eypper studied Ancient History with a concentration on Ancient Mesopotamia under William A. Ward at the American University of Beirut. Her MA thesis dealt with the chronology of Babylon during the early second millennium B.C. She came to Germany with a German Exchange Scholarship (DAAD) to study Assyriology at the Freie Universität Berlin under Franz Köcher, specializing in Babylonian-Assyrian medical texts relating to amulet stone-texts in particular. Having returned to the field after several years, she is currently researching Mesopotamian medical texts dealing with conditions and diseases of the feet, under Prof. Markam J. Geller. Her study of K.67+, a text dealing with such diseases, was published in Le Journal des Médecines Cunéiformes (2016).