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News vom 25.05.2023

Eleven leading European research universities including Freie Universität Berlin have come together to create a unique alliance – Una Europa. Their common goal is to expand and strengthen existing partnerships in teaching, research, and education.

Una Europa aims to draw on our collective strengths to create a truly European inter-university environment, a University of the Future: by entering into agreements facilitating joint degree programs and doctoral research, by promoting student and staff mobility and exchanges, by increasing digital teaching programs, through joint participation in EU-funded projects and shared research networks, and last but not least, through developing innovative new formats for joint working practices.

Una Europa@Freie Universität Berlin - Project Website and Contact

Current calls and information

Join the Una Europa PhD network online!

Doctoral candidates can register with the platform Lounjee and join the group https://una.app.lounjee.com/dashboard/groups/60f6d115c56db400090627a3/about  

UNA Cybercrime Conference "Exploring the Future of Crime" - October 5-6, 2023

The conference intends to discuss and explore the present and future of criminal law enforcement in the context of our digital society. There will be particular focus on the advent of the next wave of transformative technologies including new forms of cryptography and encryption; artificial intelligence applications; blockchain; and virtual reality.

The Conference will consist of three panels, covering the topics of:

  • Cybercrime and Cyber-investigations: New Challenges and Compliance with Human Rights
  • AI, Prevention and Repression of Crimes
  • Digitalization and Human Rights in Criminal Justice

Call for papers: UNA-Europa-FACE-Conference_Call-for-Papers.pdf (imgix.net) 

Event location: KU Leuven, Belgium.

Deadline for abstracts: June 11, 2023. Please use the form available.

For further information: Cybercrime Conference: Exploring the Future of Crime | Una Europa (una-europa.eu); or get in touch with michele.panzavolta@kuleuven.be

Team Science: Online course - July 7, 2023

“Team science is science performed by scientific teams. A team is not a loosely aggregated bunch of persons, but team members collaborate, exchange expertise and perform specific functions as a team.” (Liu et al., 2020, Scientometrics)

This course, consisting of a set of online modules (including recorded lectures) and a hybrid workshop (in person / online), aims to deliver participants evidence-based knowledge and practical skills in doing science in research teams. The course is addressed primarily to young researchers taking their first steps in running their own research teams (or planning
this soon) and members of professional personnel supporting researchers at universities involved in the Una.Resin project.

The online modules (approximately 10 hours in total) will cover topics including psychological aspects of collaborative research activities, theoretical and practical issues of leading research teams and conflict resolution, institutional support, evaluation and funding of research teams, action research and living labs, as well as the use of new technologies in
supporting research teams in their daily work. Online modules are prepared by an international group of researchers from Una.Resin’s universities (Berlin, Bologna, Madrid, Paris, and Krakow) and will be shared with participants through Jagiellonian University’s MOOC platform “Copernicus College”. The workshop will be hosted by Jagiellonian
University in a hybrid form (in-person / online) and aims to develop further practical skills related to team science based on the content presented in online modules.

The target group of this pilot project are junior research group leaders and researchers in comparable positions, as well as those who will be leading a junior research group in the near future.

Deadline for registration: May 31, 2023. Please use this link: https://forms.office.com/pages/responsepage.aspx?id=6yYO676_0keekOvSQm286xjeQ6Pzq5lNjA6wzMI-FXtURUw1RUEzM0o5UUhFRjZDT0xTOVM4QlczVS4u

The pilot action is coordinated by the Jagiellonian University in Krakow (contact person: Prof. Mateusz Hohol, mateusz.hohol@uj.edu.pl).

International Conference "Contested Legacies. Central/Eastern and Southern European competing narratives on authoritarian ‘lieux de mémoire" - June 22-23, 2023

The aim of the conference is to answer the question of how the “contested” heritage of totalitarian/authoritarian systems is used and often abused in political narratives by populist far-right movements and political parties in Southern and Central-Eastern Europe.

Questions to be discussed:

  • What are the past and present societal experiences of totalitarian/authoritarian regimes - Mussolini, Franco, Salazar, Franco, Hitler, Horthy, Tito - in relation to the respective symbolic landscape of contested authoritarian lieux de memoire from a comparative perspective (normative issues)?
  • What is the nature of the interplay between “working through the past” and the policy of historical revisionism?
  • Can reckoning with the memory of the past affect the legitimacy of far-right groups on the political scene?

Call for contributions. The programme of the event includes panels, during which the speakers will have the opportunity to present 15-minute contributions, which will serve as the starting point for discussion.

Event location: Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland.

Deadline for proposals: May 30, 2023. Please use the form available.

For further information, please contact: malgorzata.fijal@doctoral.uj.edu.pl

International Conference „Cultural heritage at the Urban and Metropolitan Peripheries” - June 5-6, 2023

Cultural heritage plays an important role in the mediation between the apriori conflicted concepts of conservation and development. This issue is particularly crucial for the cultural heritage of urban peripheries, which with proper management can contribute to a more inclusive society by facilitating a closer integration of economic, social and symbolic values.
The heritage of urban fringes is emergent and shifting. Undervalued in recent years, the heterogeneous vestiges and heritages of the suburbs are gradually being recognized by local, metropolitan and regional authorities as assets on which is possible to build new and more inclusive scenarios for local development.

The conference aims to be a forum for debate on the current state of knowledge in field of cultural heritage of urban peripheries.

Date: June 5-6, 2023

Event location: Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University

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