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Academic Advising

Academic Advising

Course Guidance and Academic Advising

In the Department of History and Cultural Studies, there is no central course guidance and counselling service covering all academic programmes of the department. Instead, the individual programmes offer their own academic advising. This is carried out by the corresponding officers (course officers and subject officers for the Magister’s degree courses) in the individual institutes or by other members of the academic teaching staff who are nominated for this. Information about academic advising can also be found in the Lecture and Course Catalogue under the respective subject.

In addition, for subject related content queries, the individual lecturers can be consulted during their regular consultation hours. Some institutes also have academic advising offered by students with their own consultation hours. If in doubt, ask your institute which options for course guidance are available for your subject.

Depending on the conditions of the study and examination regulations of your subjects, a visit to the course advisor may be compulsory before you pick up your studies and will then be certified for you. In general, advice at the start of your studies is highly recommended even if not compulsory in order to enable you to start the degree with optimum preparation.

GPS Officers

For questions about General Professional Skills, please contact the GPS officers.

Grading and Transfer

Gradings and transfers for the various academic programmes of the department are not carried out directly by the Examination Office but rather by officers appointed for this in the respective institutes or by other members of the academic teaching staff who are nominated for this, then ultimately by the B.A./M.A. board of examiners. Please always contact your advisor initially. You may also find more information about the transfer of study credits on our website.

Other Advice Facilities for Students

For general queries concerning application, registration, course organisation and similar issues you may also contact the Information Service and the Centre for Academic Advising and Counselling Service at Freie Universität.

A range of useful information (inc. study and examination regulations) can be found on the FU information site (“Study at Freie Universität Berlin”).