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The Postdoctoral Lecture Qualification proves the ability to independently represent a scientific subject in the areas of research and teaching. The subject regarding the Habilitation is a scientific discipline with definable content. It is usually already set up in the department and is represented through at least one Professor or one other habilitated member of the department. Subjects regarding the Habilitation can also be concluded through the extended office counsel (with proportion of constitutional order). The conclusion can result on the occasion of a Habilitation process.

Information upon admission and procedure of the Habilitation

  1. The application begins with the submission of a written admission application to the Dean of the Department according to § 4 I of the Regulations on postdoctoral university instruction qualifications.
  2. Therefore it is conditional to hand in all documents mentioned in the application for habilitation at Mrs. Willingham’s office, Fabeckstraße 23-25, room 1.0057.
  3. After the office counsel has made its decree about the application the applicant will receive the written decision within one month, if she or he filed the application during the lecture period.
  4. After the habilitation committee has finished its work the candidate will be informed about the date and the thesis of the public lecture according to § 11 of the Regulations on postdoctoral university instruction qualifications.
  5. If the public lecture, including the discussion among the members of the habilitation committee and the office counsel was successful, the habilitation certificate, based on the office counsels decree, is going to be awarded to the candidate. The entitlement to teach must be separately applied in the Dean’s office after the admission process is completed.
  6. According to § 19 II of the Regulations on postdoctoral university instruction qualifications will the whole process not take any longer than nine month.