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Fabio Spadini

Foto_Fabia Spadini Passaporto

Postdoctoral Researcher

Guest Scientist/ Associate Member

Arnimallee 10
Room 109
14195 Berlin

I am an archeologist and ancient historian, and have a focus on the study of greek and roman ancient iconography.

My research area concerns ancient glyptic, magic and the history of science (alchemy and astrology) from Antiquity to the Middle Ages. My work to date has been mostly concerned with the representation of zodiacal images on engraved gemstones (Ist c. B.C. – IVth c. A.D) and the development of the iconography of the zodiacal ring (Greece to Imperial Rome).

Curriculum Vitae:

2022-2025: FNS Post-doc Mobility (Freie Universität Berlin / Centre ANHIMA Paris)

2021-2022: Research Fellow, University of Fribourg

2021: PhD in Ancient History and Archaeology, University of Fribourg / University of Pécs (HU)

2016: MA in Medieval History (on alchemical diagrams), University of Fribourg