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The Research Projects of the CRC 626

The CRC 626 consists of three project areas encompassing in all 17 different projects. In January 2008 the Emmy Noether Junior Research Group 'Kosmos/Ornatus. Ornament as a Form of Cognition - A Comparison of Persia and France c. 1400' was associated.

Project Area A: Transformations of Aesthetic Experience

Research Project A3

The widening of the experience of the object in art and design
since the 1960s

Research Project A4

Fictional Temporality. Boundary Figures of the Aesthetic in the Russian Avant-garde

Research Project A7

The Immanent Dissolution of Limits
in Contemporary Art Practices and in the Experience of Art

Research Project A10

Evocation of reality as artistic process

Research Project A11

Television series as an aesthetic form

Research Project A12

Dissolutions of Limits between Art / Work and Thing

Project Area B: The Specifity of Aesthetic Experience in the individual Arts

Research Project B2

Aesthetic Experience as Liminal Experience

Research Project B3

On the Significance of Illusion and Fiction in Aesthetics
and Film Aesthetics

Research Project B4

The Future of Art Music,
Saved by the Diversification of Aesthetics?

Research Project B6

Topographies of the Ephemeral. Choreography as Procedure
and Operation

Research Project B7

The Politics of Aesthetics in Western European Cinema

Research Project B8

The Interrelated Dynamics of Display and Situation
within Aesthetic Reflection

Research Project B9

The Poetics of the Improbable

Project Area C: The Scope of the Concept of Aesthetic Experience

Research Project C7

Inspiration and Subversion:
Artistic Creation as Aesthetic-Religious Experience

Research Project C9

Aesthetic 'Liveliness': Presentification – Present Tense – Presentness

Research Project C13

Sensory and Symbolic Reflexivity in Aesthetic Media

Research Project C14

Aesthetics of adjudication/Law in aesthetic judgments