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Dr. Fabio Gasparini



Fabeckstr. 23/25
14195 Berlin

Research interests

  • Modern South Arabian languages
  • Semitic studies
  • Syntax & Discourse
  • Fieldwork and Anthropological Linguistics
  • Typology


Gasparini, F. In prep. Why a language dies - the case of Baṭḥari of Oman.

Gasparini, F. & Castagna, G. In prep. What do they speak in the frankincense land? The many glottonyms of Śḥərɛ̍t/Gibbali.

Gasparini, F. In prep. ‘Stand-alone nominalization’ in sudarabico moderno.

Gasparini, F. & alMahri, S. Forth. Water and culture among the MSAL-speaking people of Dhofar, in Watson, J.C.E., Lovett, J. & Nelson, D. (eds). Language and Ecology in Southern and Eastern Arabia. London: Bloomsbury

Gasparini, F. 2021. Semantically unmarked clause linking in Mehri: the use of wǝ-, in Castagna, G. & Edzard, L. (eds.). South Arabia: Old Issues, New Perspectives. Proceedings of the Workshop at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg on December 19, 2019. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz.

Gasparini, F. & Bettega, S. 2020. Contact between Arabic and the Modern South Arabian languages, in Lucas, C. & Manfredi, S. (eds.), Arabic and contact-induced change. Berlin: Language Science Press. 351-369.

Gasparini, F. 2019. Rubin, Aaron D.: Omani Mehri. A New Grammar with Texts. Leiden/Boston: Brill 2018. XXVI, 872 S. 8° = Studies in Semitic Languages and Linguistics 93. Hartbd. € 171,00. ISBN 978-90-04-36247-5. Orientalistische Literaturzeitung 114(6): 463-465.

Gasparini, F. 2019. An Ethno-anthropological archive concerning the Baṭāḥira tribe of Oman. Turin: LFSAG. URL: http://www.lfsag.unito.it/ark/bathari/main_it.html

Gasparini, F. 2018. The Baṭḥari Language of Oman. Towards a Descriptive Grammar. Unpublished PhD thesis, Naples: University of Naples. 

Gasparini, F. 2017. Phonetics of Emphatics in Baṭḥari, in Bettega, S., Gasparini, F. (eds.), Linguistic Studies in the Arabian Gulf, special issue of QuadRi - Quaderni di Ricognizioni 5: 69-85. Turin: University of Turin. 

Gasparini, F. 2014. Grammaticalization of Adnominal Demonstratives in Neo-Aramaic. Towards the Creation of a Simple Determiner, in Ricognizioni, rivista di Lingue, Letterature e Culture Moderne, 1(2): 95-107. Turin: University of Turin. 

Gasparini, F. & Tosco, M. 2012. Building a “New” Semitic Language: Expansion and Enrichment in Modern Assyrian. In Studia Andreae Zaborski Dedicata, Folia Orientalia 49: 191-202.  

Edited volumes 

Gasparini, F., Bettega, S. (eds.). 2017. "Linguistic Studies in the Arabian Gulf", special issue of QuadRi - Quaderni di Ricognizioni (vol. 5), Turin: University of Turin.

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